1562 Woman, probably Catherine Carey, Lady Knollys by Steven van der Meulen (Yale Center for British Art - New Haven, Connecticut USA)

Here is her bio from A Who's Who of Tudor Women:  "CATHERINE CAREY (1523/4-January 15, 1569) Catherine Carey was the daughter of Mary Boleyn (by 1504-1543) and William Carey (c.1495-June 23,1528). She was likely Mary’s oldest child and therefore may have been fathered by King Henry VIII. If she was his daughter, he never acknowledged his paternity. Catherine came to court as a maid of honor to Anne of Cleves in January of 1540. She married Sir Francis Knollys (1514-1596) on April 26 of that same year and they had sixteen children, including Henry (1541-1582/3), Mary (b.1542), Lettice (1543-December 25,1634), William (1545-1632), Edward (1546-1580), Maud (b.1548), Elizabeth (b.1549), Robert (1550-1625), Richard (1552-1596), Francis (1553-1646), Anne (1555-August 30, 1608), Thomas (b.1558), Catherine (1559-December 30, 1632), and Dudley (b.1562). Catherine was in exile in Basel in June 1557, during the reign of Mary Tudor, and later was in Frankfurt. She probably left England in the spring of 1556, although her husband had left earlier. They had at least five of their children with them. Catherine was back in England by January 14,1559. She and her “sister” (probably Anne Morgan, her brother Henry’s wife), became ladies of the privy chamber to Queen Elizabeth. Catherine’s children were also at court. In 1560, she and her son Robert were granted Taunton Manor for life. One of her duties was to care for the queen's parrot. She died at Hampton Court and the queen paid for her funeral, which cost £640 2s.11d. She was buried in Westminster Abbey. Biography: Oxford DNB entry under "Knollys [née Carey], Katherine." Portraits: portrait in the Pembroke collection, 1561; by Steven van der Meulen,early 1562, when she was pregnant with her last child; monument to Catherine and her husband in the church of Rothersfield Greys. Mary Boleyn's biographer, Josephine Wilkinson, also identifies a portrait similar to those elsewhere identified as Lady Catherine Grey and her son as being Catherine Carey and her child, but this is unlikely."

Upgrade image from Yale Center for British Art posted by gogm on 17 June 2013.

Catherine appears to be worse for wear in this portrait. Her coat is similar to that worn by Bess of Hardwick.

Keywords:  1562, van der Meulen, Carey family, Knollys family, English, straight coiffure, attifet, cap, high enclosing neckline, ruff, coat, high neckline, collar, fur, long close sleeves, slashed sleeves, jeweled waist band, natural waistline, full skirt, brooch, jeweled pendant chain, jeweled pendant, gloves, maternity dress

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