1584-1585 (probable) Bianca Cappello after Scipione Pulzone (Collezioni Comunali d'Arte - Bologna, Emilia-Romagna Italy)

The Google languages translation of the Bologna collection notes is superb, "The inscription at the top right attests to the identity of the character and leads to circumscribe the history of the painting between 1578, the year of the marriage of Bianca Capello with the Grand Duke of Tuscany, Francesco I, and 1587, the date of death. The work is a derivation from the portrait of the same lady today at the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna, carried out by Scipione Pulzone from Gaeta probably during his stay in Florence of 1584/1585. The upper torso is similar, with some variations in clothing, while the frame is enlarged, which in our painting shows the seated figure with a little dog in her arms."

From the Bologna collection Web site.

Bianca Capello is shown wearing what would be called an open robe if from the 1700s, in this case a coat or coat-like over-dress with rolled sleeves and an under-dress.

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