Diane de Poitiers by ? (location unknown to gogm)

This may be the most well-known image of her. It is widely distributed on the Web. That doesn't mean I know who painted it, when it was painted, or where it is. Kunst für alle states it is in the French State Collection and attributes it to the French school.

Upgrade image posted 17 July 2015 from cultural.bzi.ro/diane-de-poitiers-una-din-cele-mai-frumoase-si-mai-inteligente-aristocrate-ale-frantei-11105.

Diane de Poitiers by ? (location unknown to gogm) UPGRADE From cultural.bzi.ro:diane-de-poitiers-una-din-cele-mai-frumoase-si-mai-inteligente-aristocrate-ale-frantei-11105

Diane is dressed as huntress Diana and she wears either a split bodice and/or a fur bodice ornament with a bow.

Keywords:  Diane de Poitiers, mistress, Henri II, French, straight coiffurejeweled headdress, chemise, modesty piece, crescent neckline, bows, fur sleeves, shallow necklace, earrings, jeweled neckline, jeweled bodice

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