1647 Amalie van Solms with Frederik Hendrik & their three youngest daughters by Gerrit van Honthorst (Rijksmuseum)

The ruff and collar are both gone while the ladies and young son are in elegant skirts, although Albertine Agnes is wearing a plain bertha below her neckline. Women's dress is simple and Amalie wears somber black. This is the form dress would take for much of the rest of the century, as will become evident.

To Amalie's left is Maria of Nassau, on Amalie's right is Albertine Agnes who holds hands with her younger sister Henriette Catherine.

Their oldest son, William, lived only to the age of 24, but married a Stuart Princess, Princess Royal Mary, and sired a boy named William, William III, who married another Stuart Princess, Mary. They restored stability to Great Britain by a non-violent coup suborned by Parliament, The Glorious Revolution. But they had to forcibly pacify Ireland; the root of today's Ulster Orangemen and part of the root of the recent troubles.

Frederik Hendrik wears the mid-1600s equivalent of a Gulfstream III jet, a suit of armor.

There are four women or girls in this portrait and none of them wear a ruff or collar. One of them, Albertine Agnes wearing yellow-gold, has a bertha made of gauzy material pinned to a brooch on the neckline, characteristic of mid-century style.

His armor suit has a cuirass top. The term cuirass came to denote a type of bodice that swelled over the hips in Victorian women's style.

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