SUBALBUM:  Countess of Tankerville Leonora Sophie

Her husband’s Wikipedia article shows he was a very interesting person, "...He travelled in America in 1892, becoming friends with two revivalists, Ira D. Sankey and Dwight L. Moody, accompanying them in both America and Britain. He spent some time as a cowpuncher in the western states.

Known as 'The Singing Earl,' he sang hymns during his revival work, and took part in concerts in the north of England. (His voice is described, confusingly, both as a 'rich bass-baritone' and a 'fine tenor.') He studied voice with Giovanni Sbriglia...

...Lord Tankerville, who for a time was a clown in the circus, met his future wife when he turned a somersault over a sofa in a New York drawing-room, nearly falling into her lap. He married Leonora Sophia van Marter (– 15 February 1949), daughter of James Gilbert van Marter of New York, at Tacoma, Washington, on 23 October 1895. Prior to their marriage she had been a music teacher…"

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