1903 Novelist Elinor Glyn, Lucile's sister

Elinor Glyn, Lucile’s sister, was a novelist, script writer, and publicist. Her Wikipedia article is here. She brought the idea of the "It Girl” - a beautiful, stylish, young woman who possessed sex appeal without flaunting her sexuality that arose in the 1900s British upper class - to the USA. More recent examples of It Girls, according to Wikipedia, are Marilyn Monroe and Madonna Ciccone. Paramount Studios brought out the movie It in 1927 starring Clara Bow, a silent movie star who successfully transitioned to talkies, who was then called the It Girl. In 1927, Elinor Glyn stated, "With It, you win all men if you are a woman and all women if you are a man. It can be a quality of the mind as well as a physical attraction." According to Wikipedia, the term It Girl now means something different:  "Since the 1990s, It Girl or It-Girl has been used slightly differently, referring to a wealthy, normally unemployed, young woman who is pictured in tabloids going to many parties often in the company of other celebrities, receiving media coverage in spite of no real personal achievements or TV hosting/presenting."

From Kristine's photostream on flickr.

1903 Novelist Elinor Glyn, Lucile's sister, From Kristine's photostream on flickr fixed left side upper edge despot bckgnd

Elinor Glyn’s dress is a textbook example of a pouter pigeon silhouette.

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