1918 Lucile sketch for surcote revival tea gown

As the next images will show, this dress was worn by silent film star Clara Kimball Young whose Wikipedia article is here. Her career extended, albeit without star billing, well into the “talkie” era.

From web.stanford.edu-~gdegroat-CKY-CKYvogue40118.htm.

1918 Lucile sketch for surcote revival tea gown

Lucile appears to be reviving the medieval surcote, in this case with dark sheer material, for use as a sleeveless jacket or vest. The train splits into two points.

Keywords:  Lucy Duff Gordon as designer, Lucy Duff Gordon, Lucile, Lucy Sutherland, Lady Duff Gordon, Clara Kimball Young, straight coiffure, knotted bun, cap, strap, fur-trimmed surcote, blouse, long full sleeves, contrasting cuffs, tassels, natural waistline, notched tight skirt, train, shoes

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