Colorized photos of Lily Elsie holding bouquet


Colorized photos of Lily Elsie holding bouquet From

These photos show more of the dress seen in the last image. The metal over-bodice is continued with the over-skirt.

Keywords:  Foulsham & Banfield, Lucy Duff Gordon as designer, Lucy Duff Gordon, Lucile, Lucy Sutherland, Lady Duff Gordon, The Dollar Princess, Lily Elsie, wavy bouffant coiffure, head band, necklace, pendant, blouson over-bodice, one shoulder décolletage, quarter length close over-sleeves, contrasting cuffs, chemise, modesty piece, trapezoidal neckline, quarter length tight under-sleeves, under-bodice, square neckline, quarter length close over-sleeves, bracelets, waist band, tassels, bows, over-skirt, maxi-length tight under-skirt

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