Danilo and Sonia

From summertime76.wordpress.com-tag-lily-elsie-page-2.

Danilo and Sonia From summertime76.wordpress.com-tag-lily-elsie-page-2

Sonia is wooed wearing a dark blue (?) over-dress with wide lapels over a white under-garment that is still rather décolleté. She wears an ornate white covering ornament decorated with a substantial bow over her thighs.

Keywords:  Hughes, Lucy Duff Gordon as designer, Lucy Duff Gordon, Lucile, Lucy Sutherland, Lady Duff Gordon, The Merry Widow, Lily Elsie, curly coiffure, feathered headdress, chemise, square décolletage, over-dress, vee décolletage, lapels, elbow length flared sleeves, waist band, bows, natural high waistline, close skirt, bracelets, theatrical dress

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