SUBALBUM:  Maria Adelheid and Charlotte, Grand Duchesses of Luxembourg

In today's USA, religious tampering with government is expected as is keeping evil Socialism out of government. Maria Adelheid was a devout Catholic who intervened in government to keep Socialists out (presumably because they were heathen), causing problems. Germany occupied Luxembourg during the war and she was felt to be too cozy with them. She abdicated in 1919 and became a nun. Its 100 years later and the USA hasn't figured out what Luxembourg figured out way back then. Her Wikipedia article is here.

Charlotte ascended the throne under the 1917 Constitution that limited monarchical authority. She left the country in World War II and became a symbol of resistance. Her Wikipedia article is here.

These images show fashion was up for grabs in 1919 before Coco Chanel settled the issue.

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