1655-1660 Margherita, wife of Baldassare Vandergoes by Luigi Primo (Walters Museum of Art - Baltimore, Maryland, USA)

The Walters Museum notes for this portrait follow, "The rich attire of this woman, complete with elaborate jewels and a delicate pocket watch at her waist, declares her privileged social status as do her fan and gesture of lifting her skirts off the dirty pavement. She can be identified as Margherita, wife of the Flemish merchant Baldassare Vandergoes (Baltasar van der Goes), portrayed in the companion full-length portrait (37.660), who had moved to the port city of Ancona on the eastern coast of Italy. While known documents do not identify her family with certainty, it is clear that she is the daughter of a properous local family. Luigi Primo (also known as Louis Cousin) from Brussels was one of the many Flemish painters who sought the patronage of wealthy Italians, first in papal Rome before coming to Ancona. Although he was also a painter of religious paintings, Flemings in Italy were famous for their ability to imitate reality, as in portraiture, so it is hardly surprising that Vandergoes should have sought the services of his countrynman for this important commission. For the identification of the portraits see Michele Polverari, Per amor di Margherita: Due fiamminghi nell'Ancona del Seicento: il mercante Baldassarre Vandergoes e il pittore Luigi Primo da Bruxelles, (Ancona, il lavoro editorial, 2014).”

From the Walters Museum’s Web site via pinterest.com/mwojdak/17th-century-fashion/; shadows filled in to reveal how her over-skirt is hiked up.

1655-1660 Margherita, wife of Baldassare Vandergoes by Luigi Primo (Walters Museum of Art - Baltimore, Maryland, USA) From the museum's Web site via pinterest.com:mwojdak:17th-century-fashion: shadows

This shows a dress as worn and in full length. Margherita has hiked up her black over-skirt to reveal a maroon brocade under-dress. The skirt has the proportions of one from the 1840s - as full as posible without mechanical support.

Keywords:   Primo, Margherita Vandergoes, Italian, curly coiffure, circlet, bun, off shoulder scoop neckline, modesty piece, lace bertha, three quarter length puffed over-sleeves, long puffed under-sleeves, girdle, vee waistline, full skirt, under-skirt, necklace, draped jeweled bodice ornament, brooch, pendant watch, fan

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