1660s (probably) Baroness Ingeborg Axelsdotter Baner by David Klöcker Ehrenstrahl (Skoklosters slott - Skoklosters Sweden)

A genealogical sketch of her is here.

The middle name is the father's first name, in this case Axel Baner. From isiswardrobe.blogspot.com. She married Bengt Claesson Horn (whose father's first name was Claes). Making this image lighter was almost like watching a scene in a movie where someone lights a candle in a dark room and all sorts of things are revealed. The image was also enlarged by one fifth.

From isiswardrobe.blogspot.com.

French style can be seen in the dress and coiffure of Baroness Ingeborg Baner. Her gurluberlu side locks are adorned with sprays of narrow eibbons. Her typically plain bertha rests over a ruched pair of under-berthas. The dress also appears to have hanging sleeves matching her bodice opening over puffed sleeves that are similar to the sleeves seen in Russian court dresses in the 1800s and 1900s.

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