1673 Lady Vyner by John Michael Wright (outtake from image at National Portrait Gallery)

Countries could go to war or enter periods of prolonged conflict and civil war, but Ladies kept up with the latest styles.

The entire Vyner family portrait can be seen here.

This image is from www.myspace.com/vladquigley 17th Century décolletage fashion.

Lady Vyner wears a hurluberlu-like coiffure, but the flat area covering the top of her head is replaced with curls. She wears a lace-edged chemise that peeks out beneath her bodice that is largely covered by a coat-like garment.

Keywords:  1673, Wright - Michael, British, hurluberlu coiffure, hair jewelry, off shoulder scoop neckline, chemise, lace, coat, elbow length full sleeves, engageantes, necklace, earrings, clasps

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