1675 (before) Laura Chigi by Jacob Ferdinand Voet (auctioned by Sotheby's)

Sotheby’s notes include a brief biographical sketch, "This charming portrait depicts Laura Chigi, the first child of Prince Agostino Chigi and his wife Maria Virginia Borghese, at about fifteen years of age.   Of Sienese origin, the Chigi had become a powerful family in Rome during the Renaissance, and by the 17th Century were major landholders in southern Tuscany and in Lazio.  From 1661, they became the lords of the town of Ariccia. Laura Chigi was born in Rome in 1659, during the papacy of her great-uncle, Pope Alexander VII.  The present portrait shows the teenager in a dress in the French fashion, but with her hair in a more informal and youthful hairstyle than was then in fashion for older women.  The portrait must date to before early 1675, when Laura took the veil, entering the Dominican convent of Santi Domenico e Sisto a Montemagnanapoli in Rome.  She continued to play a part in aristocratic life in the city, and was even honored with the dedication of a play by the poet Giuseppe Berneri.” Voet later portrayed Laura’s sister Angela when she was a teenager.

From Sotheby’s Web site; spots and cracks fixed with Photoshop.

1675 (before) Laura Chigi by Jacob Ferdinand Voet (auctioned by Sotheby's) From Sotheby's Web site despot decrack

Laura Chigi wears a necklace extending from one shoulder to the other tied to her left (and probably right) side of her bodice. The brocade is magnificent.

Keywords:  Voet, Laura Chigi, Chigi family, Italian, long curly coiffure, floral ribbon headdress, earrings, shallow necklace, fitted bodice, off shoulder straight neckline, lace modesty piece-bertha, elbow length slashed puffed upper over-sleeves, bows, chemise, puffed upper under-sleeves, cuffs

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