1695 Anne de Souvré, marquise de Louvois (1646-1715) by Simon Dequoy (Versailles)

RMN attributes this to Simon Dequoy who I could not find on Google. Google has numerous references to Pierre-Simon Dequoy (1698-1764), a bit young to paint this portrait. According to RMN, Simon Dequoy lived from 1655-1727.

Photo credit Daniel Arnaudet/Jean Schormans.

Simon Dequoy documents the dress worn by Anne de Souvré with stomacher framed by lapel-like revers and engageantes as well as a bustle and Fontanges.

Keywords:  1695, Dequoy, Arnaudet, Schormans, Anne de Souvré, Anne de Souvree, marquise de Louvois, de Souvré family, le Tellier family, Marquise, French, high piled curly coiffure, lappets, trapezoidal neckline, modesty piece, stomacher, revers, elbow length close sleeves, cuffs, engageantes, lace, mantua, bustle, passementerie, necklace

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