ca. 1675 Albertina Agnes, Princess of Nassau by Caspar Netscher (Crocker Museum, Sacramento California)


Her Wikipedia article is here. She was the daughter of Amalia van Solms and she is the girl in the amber-colored dress in this family portrait.

Princess Albertina Agnes is simply, but luxuriously, dressed in this Netscher portrait from about 1675.

Keywords:  1675, Netscher, Albertine Agnes van Nassau, Princes van Oranje, Oranje-Nassau family, Princess, Dutch, curly coiffure, veil, earrings, necklace, chemise, modesty piece, scoop neckline, elbow length puffed under-sleeves, tight cuffs, fitted bodice, elbow length puffed over-sleeves, vee wasitline, full skirt

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