1685 Lady Catherine Sedley Countess of Dorchester by Sir Godfrey Kneller (held by the (UK) National Trust - actual location unknown to gogm)

From thestuartkings.tumblr.com-image-23884031225; the image had numerous spots and crack-type flaws that I fiexed with Photoshop after making the image lighter, left image. I saw the sunset in the upper left corner and felt I had made an error. I checked the original and found the sunset area. But I obscured the sunset area, right image. It is possible that this portrait is in a National Trust studio undergoing conservation. People with Apple computers can open up the image and copy either image as a partial screenshot if they wish to. The image is 91 cm wide with a resolution of 28 pixels/cm.

Lady Catherine was portrayed several times en déshabillé, a way that defies dating. Both her over- and under-sleeves have cuff sections. Her coiffure has one fripon curl, not the usual symmetric pair associated with the turn of those centuries. Was this an accident? Or is she fashionably defying fashion?

Keywords:  1685, Kneller, Catherine Sedley, Katherine Sedley, Countess, British, mistress, James II, James VII, long curly coiffure, chemise, modesty piece, off shoulder trapezoidal décolletage, elbow length flared under-sleeves, cuffs, over-dress, quarter length full over-sleeves, natural waistline, jeweled arm bands

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