ca. 1690 Catherine Sedley, Countess of Dorchester (?) by John Closterman (sold by Roy Precious)


Like the 1685 Kneller portrait, this is in need of restoration. But her face and dress show clearly.

From Roy Precious.

Lady Catherine was portrayed several times en déshabillé, a way that defies dating. Both her over- and under-sleeves have cuff sections. Her coiffure has one fripon curl, not the usual symmetric pair associated with the turn of those centuries. Was this an accident? Or is she fashionably defying fashion?

Keywords:  Kneller, Catherine Sedley, Katherine Sedley, Countess, British, mistress, James II, James VII, straight coiffure, chemise, scarf, modesty piece, scoop décolletage, elbow length full notched sleeves, no waistline, wrap, lining

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