ca. 1680 Eléonore Desmier d’Olbreuse by ? (Das Residenzmuseum im Celler Schloss - Celle Germany)


She was King George I of the UK's mother-in-law and George II's grandmother.

Upgrade image posted on 28 August 2013 from the lost gallery's photostream on flickr.

Eleonore's hurluberlu coiffure includes long sausage curls far from center, something like bike handlebars. Her rigid corset can be seen shaping her bodice.

Keywords:  1680, Eléonore d'Olbreuse, d'Olbreuse family, Brunswick family, Welf family, German, mistress, Duke George William of Brunswick-Lüneburg, hurluberlu coiffure, jeweled headdress, trapezoidal neckline, chemise, three quarter length full over-sleeves, forward-back flared cuffs, lace, split bodice, revers, strap sleeves, bows, waist band, vee waistline, close skirt, over-skirt, necklace, earrings, brooch

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