ca. 1680 Eleonore d'Olbreuse by ? (Residenzmuseum - Celle,  Niedersachsen Germany) Wm X 2

Upgrade image posted 7 September 2013 from Wikimedia; size doubled by gogm.

Eleonore plays with a lock of her long hair while dressed for court with robes and with almost every visible white surface made of lace.

Keywords:  1680, Eléonore d'Olbreuse, d'Olbreuse family, Brunswick family, Welf family, German, mistress, Duke George William of Brunswick-Lüneburg, long curly coiffure, vee neckline, chemise, bertha, lace, elbow length sleeves, engageantes, split bodice, robes, elbow length full sleeves, full skirt, earrings, clasps, regalia

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