Maria Mancini, Principessa Colonna by ? (Palazzo Colonna - Roma, Italy)

Louis XIV fell in love with the lovely Maria, but Anne of Austria, his mother, and Cardinal Mazzarin, her uncle, sent her off to marry an Italian Prince. Maria married Lorenzo Onofrio Colonna in 1661, bore him three sons, then left Rome with her sister Hortense in 1672 to avoid being murdered by her husband after their marriage deteriorated. She did not return to Italy until after her husband died in 1689. This portrait probably dates to about the time she married.

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Maria Mancini, Principessa Colonna by ? (Palazzo Colonna - Roma, Italy) UPGRADE From

Maria is dressed for court with a fur-trimmed robe with a jewel chain girdle that complements her neckline ornament and wide flaring sleeves, appearing more Medieval than Baroque. Her inder-garment has red sleeves.

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