1643 Leonora Christine med hunde by Karel van Mander  (Frederiksborg Slot - Hillerød, Roskilde County Denmark)

Her Wikipedia article begins with this paragraph, "Leonora Christina, Countess Ulfeldt, née Countess Leonora Christina Christiansdatter af Slesvig og Holsten (8 July 1621 – 16 March 1698), was the daughter of King Christian IV of Denmark and wife of Steward of the Realm–cum–traitor Count Corfitz Ulfeldt. Renowned in Denmark since the 19th century for her posthumously published autobiography, Jammers Minde, written secretly during two decades of solitary confinement in a royal dungeon, her intimate version of the major events she witnessed in Europe's history, interwoven with ruminations on her woes as a political prisoner, still commands popular interest, scholarly respect, and has virtually become the stuff of legend as retold and enlivened in Danish literature and art." She became the bitter rival of Queen Sophie Amelie and wound up in a dungeon from 1663 to 1685, released following the death of Queen Sophie Amelie.

From historiful.wordpress.com/2011/01/29/the-lady-in-the-tower; image enlarged by one third by gogm.

This is a superb illustration of a wearable dress from the 1640s. The overall impression is a high, almost Empire high, skirt and a stubby bodice above it somewhat mitigated by a deep vee waistline.

Keywords:  1643, van Mander, Leonora Christine Ulfeldt, Oldenburg family, Ulfeldt family, Countess, Danish, straight coiffure, jeweled feathered hat, hair jewelry, trapezoidal neckline, lapels, lace, collar, laced bodice, stomacher, revers, three quarter length puffed over-sleeves, cuffs, long full under-sleeves, long vee waistline, close skirt, under-skirt, choker necklace, draped jeweled bodice ornament, bracelets, fan

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