Mary, née Fairfax Duchess of Buckingham by John Michael Wright (private collection)


"Fairfax" is one of those mother country names found around Washington DC, a dysfunctional hot house well insulated by special-interest money from the concerns of little people in the USA.

The image on the Internet is very dark and her skirt is lost in the shadows so I added lightness to bring out her skirt and overall improve the image.

Mary poses with the family shack in the background wearing simple, but not casual, dress with a scoop décolletage and probable vee waistline. Her bodice covering is laced together and any openings below the tie knot are covered by a brooch.

Keywords:  Wright, Mary Fairfax-Villiers, Fairfax family, Villiers family, Duchess, British, long curly coiffure, head band, off shoulder scoop neckline, chemise, modesty piece, three quarter length close sleeves, bodice, elboe length puffed sleeves, slashed sleeves, vee waistline, full skirt, necklace, earrings, wrap

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