SUBALBUM:  Princesse des Ursins

The Princess Orsini (Ursins) had a turbulent and eventful life. The Bourbons had occupied the Spanish throne and placed the Duc d'Anjou on it as Felipe V. The Princesse des Ursins resisted French efforts to make Spain a French satellite by supporting appointments of Spanish nationals to ministerial posts, assisted by Felipe V's first wife, Maria Luisa of Savoy and Mme. de Maintenon. Unfortunately, Felipe then married Isabel de Farnesio (Isabella de Farnese) who brought the rival Princesse des Ursins' influence to an end. Her Wikipedia article states, "Madame des Ursins has the credit of having begun to check the overgrown power of the church and the Inquisition in Spain, and of having attempted to bring the finances to order."

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