Turn of century Charlotte Landgrave de Hesse Cassel Reyne de Dannemarc, Antoine Trouvain


From www.vam.ac.uk-content-journals-research-journal-issue-03; image rotated about the centerlines both horizontally and vertically and distorted with Photoshop by gogm to fix original image that was photographed at an angle. A rectangular flaw in the upper left background was also fixed with Photoshop by gogm.

Charlotte Amalie has adapted to wearing a mantua and a Fontanges headdress. It is difficult to guess what the flounces on her skirt are made of because the print may be heavily soiled.

Keywords:  Queen Charlotte Amelie of Denmark, Danish, Queen, Hesse family, Oldenburg family, Danish, curly coiffure, Fontanges headdress, lace, lappets, cap, chemise, modesty piece, high neckline, revers, stomacher, modesty piece, long close sleeves, engageantes, bustle, flounces, mantua, train, lining, under-skirt, necklace, earrings, muff, bows

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