1661 Catherine of Braganza by or after Dirk Stoop (National Portrait Gallery, London)


Catherine of Braganza is dressed in Portugese style, wearing a saya, in this 1661 Dirk Stoop portrait. The National Portrait Gallery, London also has another similar image, basically a closeup view.

She's just arrived in England wearing what they wore at home. The 1600s costuming site kipar.org has this note, "The Queen Dowager, wife of Charles II.  She wears a farthingale which, like those of her Portuguese ladies, caused contemptuous comment among Englishmen when she arrived from Portugal."

Keywords:  1661, Stoop, Braganza family, Stuart family, Princess, Queen, Portuguese, long straight coiffure, attifet, bertha, lace, full length puffed sleeves, slashed sleeves, under-skirt, farthingale, gloves

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