1700 Duchess of Bouillon Belgium print from ca. 1870

From eBay; only a trace of the probable original coloration was left so the image was changed to black and white and the contrast increased.

1700 Duchess of Bouillon Belgium print from ca. 1870 eBay detint (no multi-color left) inc. contrast

This shows a Fontanges headdress from the side so the cap can be seen. Her chair appears to have back space for her bustle.

Keywords:  1700, Marie Anne Mancini, Mancini family, La Tour d'Auvergne family, Duchess, Fontanges headdress, ruffled cap, chemise, modesty piece, trapezoidal neckline, under-bodice, tabbed laced over-bodice, vee neckline, three quarter length under-sleeves, engageantes, vee waistline, close skirt, bustle, flounces, coat, elbow length close over-sleeves, shoes, necklace

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