Olympia Mancini by Pierre Mignard (Stadtpalais Prinz Eugen - Wien Austria)

Upgrade image posted 17 October 2014 from the lost gallery's photostream on flickr.

Olympia Mancini by Pierre Mignard (Stadtpalais Prinz Eugen - Wien, Austria) the lost gallery

Mignard portrays Olympia Mancini wearing a dress with split bodice revealing her lace-edged chemise in this portrait.

Keywords:  Olympia Mancini, Mancini family, Savoia family, Princess, mistress, Louis XIV, curly coiffure, jeweled headdress, off shoulder vee décolletage, chemise, lace, bertha, split bodice, puffed sleeves, necklace, earrings, jeweled bodice, jeweled arm bands, clasp, wrap

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