1660s Marie Therese d'Autriche by ? (location ?)

From liveinternet.ru/users/5559804/post354456165; the background has been changed by removing spots, removing frame intrusions, and making the background uniform with Photoshop.

1660s Marie Therese d'Autriche by ? (location ?) From liveinternet.ru:users:5559804:post354456165 despot made background uniform removed frame intrusions

This shows details of the elaborate curls and chignon of Marie Therese’s coiffure and the arrangement of her bertha-like neckline panel. More of her dress can be seen in the next image.

Keywords:  Marie Therese d'Autriche, Habsburg family, Bourbon family, Queen, French, Louis XIV, curly coiffure, jeweled headdress, chignon, off shoulder vee neckline, bertha, quarter length full flared paned upper sleeves, jeweled fur arm bands, under-sleeves, chemise, lace cuffs, necklace, earrings, brooch, jeweled over-sleeves, jeweled bodice, brooch, draped jeweled bodice ornament, clasps, robes

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