Marie Therese d'Autriche, Reine de France et Navarre by ? (location unknown to gogm)


From; spots were removed with Photoshop and the exposure was increased. In addition, the skin of her face and neckline was damaged or very grainy so I used the Dust & Scratches Noise filter of Photoshop that averages color values over several pixels, as determined by the user. The averaging area was set to moderate levels for most of her face and open neckline, but set to smaller areas close to her eyes and eyebrows, and the lips and eyes were not retouched. Her dress was also not retouched. Almost all of the coiffure was not retouched.

Marie Therese d'Autriche, Reine de France et Navarre by ? (location unknown to gogm) From despot inc. exp

Marie Therese was not a fashion plate  - until now. Her hair is dressed to almost hurluberlu fullness and her neckline is well set off by lace. This portrait and the last one are early appearances for fripon curls on the forehead above the eyes - a indicator mark of ca. 1700 fashion.

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