Unknown Ladies by Jacob Ferdinand Voet (location ?)

Both images are from godsandfoolishgrandeur.blogspot.com-2014-12-ornamented-ladies-portraits-of-french.html.

Unknown Ladies by Jacob Ferdinand Voet (location ?) From godsandfoolishgrandeur.blogspot.com-2014-12-ornamented-ladies-portraits-of-french.html

Unlike the sitter in the last image, these sitters sport full-blown hurluberlu coiffures and colorful dresses decorated with ribbons like the last sitter.

Keywords:  Voet, hurluberlu coiffure, ribbon headdress, earrings, necklace, lace modesty poece-bertha, scoop neckline, fitted bodice, brooch, bows, jeweled bodice ornament, cap upper sleeves, lace quarter length close sleeves, ribbon arm bands, lace flared cuffs, lace flared cuffs, elbow length full lower sleeves, vee waistline, close skirt

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