1630 Jane Countess of Winchester by Gilbert Jackson (Lane Fine Art)

Gilbert Jackson's 1630 portrait of the Countess of Winchester shows a wide lace collar, balloon sleeves and a jacket bodice with a full skirt.

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This 1630 portrait shows how the round-bottomed plastron was wedged into and surrounded by the bodice to create a jacket bodice. Her bodice seems to extend forwards down the center like the cuirass of a suit of armor. The balloon sleeves really look like something from a swashbuckler movie. The bodice also swells out around almost the entire circumference of the top of her skirt. Her cuffs flare downward and made with lace, engageantes, while the triple lace collars flank a forthrightly eye-siezing decolletage. Her Ladyship also wears what today would be called a tiara - tiaras aren't often seen in portraits from this era. Crowns and coronets are often seen, but not tiaras.

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