1630s Bodice front and back

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This is the Victoria & Albert Museum's notes for this item:


Place of origin:  England, Britain (made)

Date:  1630-1639 (made)

Artist/Maker:  Unknown (production)

Materials and Techniques:  Satin, linen and whalebone, handsewn...

Public access description:  In the 1630s, women’s fashions featured high waistlines and short full sleeves set deep into the back of the bodice. This bodice demonstrates that slashing, popular in the 16th century, continued well into the 17th century. The satin has been deliberately cut in regularly placed wavy lines. Although only the bodice of this outfit now survives, it would have been worn with a petticoat and the ensemble completed with stomacher, lace ruff, and cuffs.

Physical description:  Ivory satin, slashed, lined with linen and reinforced with whalebone..."

This bodice has rever panels forming triangular center sections front and back. The sleeves have space for fillers and supports.

Keywords:  British, over-bodice, revers, elbow length puffed sleeves, slashed sleeves, natural waistline, peplum, basque waistline, slashing

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