1632 Amalia van Solms and Charlotte de La Trémoïlle as Diana and Ceres by Gerard van Honthorst (Paleis Het Loo - Apeldoorn, Holland)

The curator of Paleis Het Loo wrote this about the double portrait as part of an English-language overview article, "One of the highlights in my first year as curator was the acquisition of a double portrait by Gerard van Honthorst from 1633. It depicts Amalia van Solms and Charlotte de La Trémoïlle as the Roman goddesses Diana and Ceres. Amalia van Solms was the grandmother of Stadtholder William III. Charlotte de La Trémoïlle was a niece of Amalia’s husband, the Dutch Stadtholder Frederik Hendrik. Honthorst was the favorite court painter of Amalia and Frederik Hendrik, who probably commissioned the painting on the occasion of Charlotte’s visit to their court in The Hague in 1632. The painting came into William’s III possession by inheritance and remained in the hands of the Orange family until the end of the eighteenth century. It was then probably sold, after which it stayed in private collections. When the painting appeared on show at the TEFAF in 2015, my colleagues and I were immediately thrilled by the prospect of acquiring it. After all, Het Loo Palace collects works of art from the stadtholders, kings and queens born into the House of Orange-Nassau. A portrait painting of this quality and with this provenance rarely appears on the market. To start my new job with the acquisition process of this painting was a real treat…”

The date assigned here is 1632 because the event depicted occurred in 1632, even though the work was signed "GHonthorst. fe. i633.”

The Subalbum for Amalia van Solms is here; the Subalbum for Charlotte de La Trémoïlle is here.

Strictly speaking, “Holland” is a region on the Dutch West Coast, the nation being the Netherlands. The term Holland is used here as an expedient. The Province of North Holland includes Amsterdam; the Province of South Holland included Rotterdam and The Hague. Apeldoorn is located in the Province of Gelderland in the center of the Netherlands. Military historians are probably familiar with Gelderland's provincial capitol of Arnhem and its largest city, Nijmegen.

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1632 Amalia van Solms and Charlotte de La Trémoïlle as Diana and Ceres by Gerard van Honthorst (Paleis Het Loo - Apeldoorn, Holland) Wm

Both Ladies wear square necklines with rounded edges edged with a modesty piece. Charlotte de La Trémoïlle’s dress has paned virago sleeves.

Keywords:  1633, van Honthorst, Charlotte Catherine de la Trémoille, princesse Condé, Bourbon family, de la Trémoille family, Princess, French, curly coiffure, feathered headdress, bangs, earrings, necklace, square neckline, chemise, bertha, under-sleeves, bodice, brooch, full paned virago sleeves, full skirt, wrap

Amalie van Solms, Amalie zu Solms-Braunfels, Amalia van Solms, Orange family, Dutch, Princess, curly coiffure, jeweled feathered headdress, bangs, earrings, necklace, chemise, square neckline, modesty piece, bodice, elbow length puffed sleeves, jeweled arm bands, cuffs, wrap, natural waistline, waist band, close skirt

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