1633 Young Lady with a plumed headdress by ? (Manchester City Galleries - Manchester, Lancashire UK)

From oldrags.tumblr.com/page/2; flaws in background fixed with Photoshop by gogm.

This is about as close to a 1630s fashion plate as can be imagined. The sitter wears almost individually curled bangs under a dark flat cap, later replaced by sheer or matching-hued caps, a bandeau, and plumes. She wears mammoth balloon-like virago sleeves.

Keywords:  1633, British, straight coiffure, cap, bandeau, feathered headdress, neck band, lace, trapezoidal neckline, collar, long full paned virago sleeves, arm bands, bows, cuffs, ruffles, waist band, natural high waistline, necklace, clasps, bracelets

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