Princess Louise in velvet various poses

From; some spots in the background of the second image and spoys and a major linear flaw in the upper parts of the third image were fixed with Photoshop.

Princess Louise in velvet various poses From

Princess Beatrice shows how a Lady should sit while wearing a big bustle. Her dress appears to a vee-waisted jacket bodice worn over a chemise. The three right photos show her upper skirt is covered by a cuirasse made of several strips.

Keywords:  Princess Louise, Princess, Hanover family, Sutherland family, British, feathered hat, chemise, high enclosing neckline, ruff, long under-sleeves, cuffs, jacket bodice, buttons, long close over-sleeves, rosettes, vee waistline, cuirasse bodice, bustle, close skirt, necklace, fan 

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