Albumette:  Princess Royal Victoria

Princess Victoria Adelaide Mary Louisa was Queen Victoria and Prince Albert's first child. As the oldest daughter, she was named Princess Royal. She was involved in a dynastic marriage with the up-and-coming Prussian royal family, the Hohenzollerns. The marriage was a terrific romantic success, but a dynastic flop. Kaiser Friedrich was suffering from throat cancer before ascending to the throne and he served for just 99 days. Her son Wilhelm became Kaiser restrained somewhat by concern for his grandmother, the formidable Queen Victoria. Princess Royal Victoria favored democratization, Wilhelm was old school, though not nearly as much as Bismarck, and his wife Augusta Victoria of Schleswig-Holstein who accepted the highly constrained place of women in German society wholeheartedly. Bismark had also worked to separate Wilhelm from his mother. The result was isolation after Friedrich's death in 1888. Her first three children (she had eight, but two died in childhood) were antagonistic while her last three were supportive. The dowager Empress died the same year as her mother, 1901.

While Queen Victoria was not especially fashion conscious, the Princess Royal was. Princess Royal Victoria's Wikipedia article is here. There is a German-language site about her here

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