SUBALBUM:  Queen Hortense

Hortense de Beauharnais was Queen of Holland. By what right? Well - her mom was married to Napoleon Bonaparte and she was married to Napoleon's brother Louis Bonaparte. Hortense did not like Louis, but she liked The Netherlands and the Dutch liked her. She wound up in Switzerland when the Napoleonic era came to an end. She had two sons who survived childhood. One, Louis-Napoleon became Emperor Napoleon III and married Eugénie de Montijo. She also had an illegitimate son who was created Duc de Morny by his half-brother Napoleon III. The Duc de Morny married Sophie Trubetzkaya. According to Hortense's Wikipedia article, "She is buried next to her mother Joséphine in the Saint-Pierre-Saint-Paul church in Rueil-Malmaison."

She was an accomplished watercolor painter and composed rousing marches for Napoleon's forces.

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