SUBALBUM:  Queen Marie-Amelie of France

The Bourbons were re-established after two tries when Napoléon was exiled to St. Helena. They were unable to stay in power so the French turned to the Orléans brach of the family, famous for Philippe Égalité. His first son married Marie-Amélie Bourbone in 1809 and became King Louis-Philippe after a revolution in 1830, an event immortalized in Eugéne Delacroix' Lady Liberty Leading the People. However, Louis Philippe was in turn deposed in 1848 leading to a Second Republic and a Second Empire. Marie-Amélie's Wikipedia article is here. She avoided politics while married. She died in exile in England.

Her children are covered elsewhere on this site:  Louise, Clémentine, and Marie-Amélie's son Louis' wife Victoria.

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