SUBALBUM:  Victoria, Duchess of Kent


She was in some manner involved with a huckster named John Conroy who had her angle for control over her daughter, Princess Victoria. The Princess became ill and Conroy pressed her taking on the position of her personal secretary (and controller), somewhat like Messers Gonzales and Card pressing an ill John Ashcroft to authorize illegal warrantless wiretapping in 2004. The Princess refused as did Mr. Ashcroft later on. King William IV expressed a wish to live past Princess Victoria's eighteenth birtgday so Duchess Victoria and Conroy would not benefit from a period where Duchess Victoria, with Conroy at her side, would supervise Princess Victoria through a regency. The King did live long enough to see Princess Victoria turn 18. The new Queen had her mother moved away. Queen and Princess Victoria reconciled when Queen Victoria's first child, Princess Royal and later Empress Victoria, was born. Conroy by then was out of the picture. Victoria, Duchess of Kent, marks a good place to end the revolution-regency album. By naming her daughter with Prince Edward after herself, she gave the Anglophone world the name for a period spanning from 1837 to 1901.

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