Iberian Style Between 1837 and 1869

Nowadays, a number of fashion centers have arisen after the post Napoleonic fashion superpowers of France, Italy, and Britain. One is Spain - it should be a fashion center or even superpower with its traditions. Iberian style can be "ornate" for Americans, but it is beautifully ornate.

The major subalbum is about Isabel II who steadily gained weight through her life. She dressed magnificnetly, but sometimes overdid it as can be seen in her sub-album.

Spain has a number of portraitists not well appreciated in the Anglophone world, particularly Vicente López y Portaña and Federico Madrazo y Kunz who are well-represented here. Good López y Portaña sites can be found here and here. Good Federico Madrazo y Kunz sites can be found here and here. A good Spanish art site, alas with watermarks, is the Oronoz site.

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