Late 16th century Spanish ensemble (Metropolitan Museum of Art - New York City, New York USA)

The farthingale is no longer a round-hemmed garment. It is becoming flattened, although it retains a flared shape. The bodice (an close up of the upper middle image shows there is no buttoned closure) has a basque hem and there is a vee waistline above that. The over-dress starts with a vest-lime upper section covering the bodice that flares out over the basque to become an over-skirt. The dress with its red and gold and blue and gold materials plus ruff and cuffs must have been impressive when worn.

Keywords:  Spanish, high neckline, over-dress, quarter length over-sleeves, over-skirt, basque bodice, vee waistline, hanging sleeves, cuffs, long close under-sleeves, full under-skirt

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