1598 Isabel Clara Eugenia by Juan Pantoja de la Cruz (Colección Real/Prado)

Juan Pantoja de la Cruz portrayed Isabel Clara Eugenia wearing a magnificent black and silver saya in this 1598 portrait.

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The black and white/silver color scheme is striking. Her aiglets, the jewels of her girdle, and the jewels attached to her bodice appear to be of silver while the fabric of her gown appears to be decorated with silver thread. Her deeply goffered tilted ruff has a support beneath, appearing similar to that portrayed by Rubens on Brigida Spinola Doria in 1605. She may be wearing a carcanet necklace, but her immense supported ruff obscures it. Her gown has standard features - false sleeves, hanging sleeves, aglets, lace cuffs, columns of bodice jewels and a vee-shaped girdle, a Spanish farthingale, and tabbed sleeves.

Her jeweled headdress comes close to what would be called a tiara today.

Out takes from this image can be seen herehere, and here.

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