ca. 1599 Isabel Clara Eugenia and dwarf by Frans Pourbus the Younger(?) (Monasterio de las Descalzas Reales, Madrid)

Frans Pourbus the Younger may have portrayed Isabel Clara Eugenia wearing a colorful saya and a dwarf in this work from about 1599. On her site, marileecody believes this may be by perhaps Otto van Veen or Frans Pourbus the Younger.

This image mey be from that site.

This is a good example of the contrast between the narrow false sleeves and the material used in the rest of her gown, including the larger hanging sleeves. Her saya is made of gorgeous brocade or brocade-like fabric that she uses it to convey a visual impression of opulence and power with, for her and the era, minimal jewelry.

Her dress can be thought of as an over-dress, with a collar turned to reveal the lining over the bodice, and over-sleeves emerging from a tabbed seam. The longest part of the black fleur-de-lys motif of her over-dress point up instead of down. The capelets formed by the hanging sleeves are very minimal compared to those shown in earlier illustrations. The under-dress is made of a comparable, but different brocade. The attached bodice, a third component of her dress, is made of thin bands of alternating contrasting naterial,

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