ca. 1609 Isabel Clara Eugenia by Peter Paul Rubens (Kunsthistorisches Museum, Wien)

Super star painter Peter Paul Rubens portrayed Isabel Clara Eugenia wearing a vividly striped saya in this portrait from about 1609.

The farthingale era is just about over - the huge supported ruff will not be around for much longer. The saya would be modified with panniers to become the dresses seen in the Velazquez portraits. Her dress is luxurious but her jewelry is limited to some jewelry in her floral headdress, earrings, a brooch, the necklace, and her jeweled crucifix.

Keywords:  1609, Rubens, Infanta Isabel Clara Eugenia, Princess, Spanish, Habsburg family, straight coiffure, jeweled floral headdress, high enclosing neckline, lace neck ruff, surcote, lapels, hanging sleeves, bodice, long false sleeves, lace cuffs, under-dress, draped necklace, earrings, jeweled crucifix, fan, handkerchief

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