Isabel Clara Eugenia by Frans Pourbus the Younger (Groeninge Museum, Bruges)

In this upper body portrait by Frans Pourbus the Younger, Isabel Clara Eugenia wears the same gown as in her 1605 Pourbus portrait, but with a smaller and non-slashed ruff.

The headdress is spectacular. According to Norris, "Tudor Costume and Fashion," p. 754 (Dover re-issue 1997), the piled up headdress of pearls and jewels backed up with feathers originated in England, Spain's enemy at that time, but was avidly picked up in Spain."

Keywords:  1599, Pourbus the Younger, Infanta Isabel Clara Eugenia, Princess, Spanish, Habsburg family, straight coiffure, high enclosing neckline, neck ruff, lace, jeweled headdress, framing headdress,draped necklace, earrings, jeweled crucifix, cuffs, tabbed sleeves

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