1565 Elisabeth de Valois by Sofonisba Anguissola (Prado) hands

The false sleeves, girdle, and aglets of Isabel Valois in Sofonisba Anguissola's 1565 portrait.

Norris cites contemporary sources saying she was beautiful, well clothed in costly dresses and jeweled as Queen, and never wore the same dress twice. "She dressed well, and very pompously, and her habiliments became her very much; among other things her sleeves were slashed with scallops which they call, in Spanish, puntas..." (Norris, "Tudor Costume and Fashion," p.580 (1997 Dover re-issue).

Paired aiglets with bows decorate her hanging sleeve and skirt.

Keywords:  1565, Isabel de Valois, Valois family, Habsburg family, Queen, Spanish, Anguissola,lace, cuffs, necklace, girdle, jeweled bodice, aglets, false sleeves, hanging sleeves, vee waistline, farthingale, jeweled pendant, jeweled pendant chain

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