ca. 1888 Elizabeth Mavrikievna (Royal Collection)

From the lost gallery's photostream on flickr; spots and flaws removed, right edge fixed, and image cropped at top and bottom with Photoshop.

ca. 1888 Elizabeth Mavrikievna (Royal Collection) From the lost gallery's photostream on flickr despot

Elizaveta Mavrikievna looks gorgeous in this second bustle period dress with an hourglass waistline. No part of her sleeves fits over her shoulders.

Keywords:  1888, Elizaveta Mavrikievna, Mavra, Elisabeth of Saxe-Altenburg, Princess, Grand Princess, Wettin family, Romanov family, Russian, bangs, tiara, choker necklace, necklace, off shoulder vee neckline, bertha, strap bare shoulder sleeves, full skirt, bustle, train, order sash, floral bodice ornament, gloves

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