Konstantin and Mavra engagement photo

From tumblr.com/tagged/grand-duchess-elizaveta-mavrikievna; removed spots and flaws in background with Photoshop and removed sepia tone and increased contrast.

Konstantin and Mavra engagement photo From tumblr.com:tagged:grand-duchess-elizaveta-mavrikievna detint inc. contrast deflaw

The details of Mavra’s dress - the check or diagonal decorations of the bodice and the alternating satin and pleated panels of the skirt are interesting.

Keywords:  Elizaveta Mavrikievna, Mavra, Elisabeth of Saxe-Altenburg, Princess, Grand Princess, Wettin family, Romanov family, Russian, bangs, chemise, high enclosing neckline, pin, long close under-sleeves, cuirasse jacket bodice, long close over-sleeves, buttons, close skirt, bustle, pleats, shoes

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