SUBALBUM:  Zinaida Yussupova the Elder

This is what Wikipedia has about her:  "At the age of 42, Prince Boris Nikolaievich Yusupov (June 9, 1794, Moscow - October 25, 1849, Arkhangelskoye Estate), Marshal of the Imperial Court, inherited his immense family wealth, including more than 675,000 acres (2730 km²) of land and more than 40,000 servants inhabiting it, but unlike his father, Prince Boris was not a patron of the arts but, instead, was primarily occupied with business concerns. Prince Boris moved to the Moika palace in St. Petersburg (Also known as Yussupov Palace) with his second wife, Zenaida Ivanovna Narishkina, (who later became Comtesse de Chauveau, Marquise de Serre through her second marriage) (May 18, 1810 - February 26, 1893) (daughter of Ivan Dimitrievitch Narishkin April 17, 1776 - April 15, 1840, Marshal of the Sytchev Nobility in 1829 and later a Chamberlain, and a relative of Peter the Great's mother, and Varvara Ivanovna Narishkina, née Ladomirsky May 17, 1785 - November 26, 1840), and their only son Nikolai. He was previously married without any issue to Princess Praskovia Pavlovna Shcherbatova (July 6, 1795-October 17, 1820). The Arkhangelskoye palace was soon derelict; the animals in the palace zoo were sold and much of the collection moved. Boris focused on the family granaries and developed good relationships with the peasants who worked in them. Prince Boris died in 1849.”

Her genealogical article is here.

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